To help you understand and navigate the Air Force STEM hiring process, we’ve assembled some useful information. Clicking on the links below will lead you to information on:

Qualification vs. Eligibility – You may believe you are qualified for a particular job, but are you actually eligible? This section will help explain the difference between job qualifications and eligibility categories.

How To Apply – Now that you're ready to apply for a job with Air Force STEM, this page will walk you through the application process.

Finding a job with Air Force STEM – Use our proprietary Job Discovery Tool to learn what kinds of positions you may be qualified for – perhaps including some you wouldn't expect.

Resume Tips – Before you submit an application for a job with Air Force STEM, take a look at these useful tips to make sure your qualifications stand out and paint an accurate picture of your abilities.

Understanding “Government-speak” – Our Glossary of Federal Terms provides definitions of terminology used in applying for Federal positions.

Air Force STEM is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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