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Not sure how best to apply your skills in an Air Force STEM career? With our Job Match Machine, you’ll be able to explore the full breadth of AFCS careers, based on a variety of criteria. Just enter your particular educational background, or specific skills you may have, and the Job Match Machine will present you with a variety of career choices, many of which you may not have even considered before. Click here to start your search.

The Federal government organizes all jobs into “occupational series” with a number code. Jobs in related fields will have a series number in the same group, in the same hundreds number. For example, all Engineers are in the 0800 group: Aerospace Engineer is 0861. Electrical Engineer is 0850, and so on. You can search an entire group by doing an Advanced Search and putting “08” (for Engineers) in the “Series Number Search” and “AIR FORCE, DEPARTMENT OF” in the “Agency Search”.

Once you find a particular job that you like, it is suggested to go back and search the entire group for that job, to find related jobs that interest you. For example, if you find an announcement for information Technology Specialist (series 2210), then it is recommended to perform a search through the 2200 group which will find other types of IT jobs.

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